About Us

Cool Blue Pure Drinking Water

Who we are?

We are the true definition of purity.

It marks 16 years of experience in serving the Best and Quality of Pure drinking water in Tanzania, under the registered trademark Coolblue Pure Drinking Water. Cool Blue is committed in enhancing the quality of Tanzanian consumers by providing safe, clean and Purified water.

Cool Blue Pure Drinking Water has been approved and certified by Tanzania Bureau of Standards (TBS), TFDA, ISO 9007:2008 and HACCP and it is the only water company in the country which has been approved by US Armed force for Food Establishment.


Our Mission statement of True Definition of Purity is to provide the best tasting and quality water to our consumers. We passionately operate to ensure all our customers receive free delivery of water as well as free service of Dispenser machine.

We want to ensure supplier relationships that deliver a competitive advantage.


What we do?
Manufacturing, Packaging, Distribution and Supply.

Every drop of Cool Blue is thrice purified.

A weekly microbiological and chemical testing are being performed internally and external by University of Dar es Salaam and Laboratory certified by ISO 17025 to ensure the best quality of our product.


Physical Test:   1. PH      2. Total dissolved solids       3.Total conductivity            4. Turbidly


Chemical Test: 1. Free chlorine & Total Chlorine       2. Ozone Concentration


Microbiological Test: 1. Total & Feacal coliforms      2. Heterotrophic plate content

3. E-Coli : • Micron filters to remove impurities               • U.V light to kill bacteria                 • Charged oxygen (Ozone) for continuous protection.


There are different types of packaging”

  1. 20L designed specifically to put on top of a CoolBlue hot and cold water dispenser machine.
  2. 10L also designed specifically to put on top of a CoolBlue hot and cold water dispenser machine.

Small bottled water packed as follows: –

  1. 1.5L x 12 in a box
  2. 0.5L x 24 in a box.

To maintain purity and hygiene, hundreds of tests are performed everyday to ensure our product is in high quality.



It only takes few drops to make one decision and that is becoming a CoolBlue Pure Drinking water Customer.

We have developed a network of clientele both locally and internationally and have successful maintained to keep the taste of water that is highly demanded.

Super Meals has qualified customers services with documented instructions or policies and its workers are highly trained to serve the customers. This is a sub section under the department of Sales and Marketing.